Modesto provides support for engineering concepts and development.

Our primary areas of competence are automotive (instrumentation, driver assistance displays) and home automation. We provide support on each development phase independently or for the whole project (concept to final design).

                      HMI concept  Define concept based on your ideas and needs

                      Give us the basic idea of what you need and we will take care of the concept definition.

                     Simulation/Prototyping/Usability Analysis of new and current solutions

                      You already have a concept or a product, but you want to improve it. We can provide analysis

                      and  propose new solutions.

                     Concept to Specification Requirements/Manuals

                     You have a concept in your mind and you need to define clearly the requirements for your

                     suppliers. We can define and  maintain requirements for you.

                     Design HMI Applications on embedded systems

                     Once the requirements are defined, we can develop your application

                      Functional validation Test cases for functional validation

                      We can define tests cases and validate your applications.

Supportive Services

Modesto provides supportive services to customers with respect to the following areas:

➭  Requirements Definition

➭  System Engineering

➭  Functional Validation

➭  Production Process Improvement 

➭  Smartphone and tablet Application development